Megachem Organics

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MegaChem Organics

MegaChem Organics is a young & fastest growing chemicals distribution company worked with a mission of giving Just in time conveyance of quality product to various chemical industries. With a meticulously integrated plan of diversifying the title nationally and globally, we are ambitious to promote a seamless and consistent availability on intermediate chemicals. Having a vast reach on Petrochemicals, solvent & specialty Chemicals; the company aims to establish its mark on various platform of pharmaceutical, textiles resins & paints & adhesives, surfactants emulsifier paper industries personal care & so forth.

Having to enjoy the company’s core values, we extend our duties into fulfilling a transparent communication blended with interpersonal team synergy, combined with high professional commitment and dedication.

Being fully customer-oriented, our company views upon the various principles of customers satisfaction and with providing a devoted user-friendly answer to their queries.

In all MegaChem Organics recognizes its vital goal of efficient management in all spheres of Services.