What We Do

Megachem Organics is extensively classified under two business verticals. We procure & supply intermediate chemicals along with by-products, Crude & spent Chemicals. We procure industrial chemicals from international & domestic suppliers & cater to a number of domestic Chemical industries.

We are directed by the principles of high-standard products and our commitment to environmental protection. We supply products concurred with worldwide norms.

Our Range of Products Includes:

Intermediate Chemicals By-products, Crude & Spent Chemicals
Acetone All Kind of Spent from Chemical Industries
Di-Acetone Aromatic Fractions
DMF Bottom Crude
Ethyl Acetate Furnace / Fuel Oil
Ethylene Di-Chloride Mixed Aromatics Solvent
Isopropyl Alcohol Mixed Hydrocarbons
Isophorone Heavy Aromatics (C9 – C15)
MEK Pygas  (Hydrotreated / Non Hydrotreated)
MIBK Crude from Pharmaceuticals
Styrene Monomer